Easter Celebrations

Easter Celebrations

Get together with friends and enjoy a feast at Easter

Jun 18, 2021, 1:13:33 PM

For many, Easter is as a time for celebration and enjoying food together. Perhaps look to enjoy Easter lunch out of the house with a delicious Easter menus at a nice local restaurant.
If you do not want to make all the Easter food yourself, there are many exciting opportunities to bring a delicious Easter menu or Easter buffet to your Easter party, so you can invite your guests to an inviting Easter table.
Easter Food

What you eat at Easter will depend on where you are in the World, in the UK it maybe spring lamb or turkey. In Scandinavia it may consist of traditional breaded fish, and in Italy you may dine on suckling pig. 
Easter traditions

In addition to the traditional Easter lunch, many also associate Easter with Easter eggs. Many arrange their own egg hunt at home in the garden or yard, which is always a treat for the kids.
When is it Easter?

Every year, Easter falls at different times. The date of Easter depends on the phases of the moon and the location of Sundays in the year.

Date for Easter in the coming years:

4th April 2021
17th April 2022
9th April 2023
Why do we celebrate Easter?

Easter is considered the most important holiday of Christianity and marks Jesus' death and resurrection in the year 30 AD.

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