What are the landmark anniversaries?

What are the landmark anniversaries?

There are many landmarks that mark important anniversaries in the lives of couples, but what are they? Our list of the main landmarks and what they represent will help.

Sep 7, 2021, 3:42:27 PM

1 year Anniversary - Cotton

1st Anniversary is celebrated by either cotton or paper, but is often celebrated with a clock!

5 year anniversary - Wood

Fives years of being married is celebrated with wood, as it shows the solidity of being together.
10 year anniversary - Tin

Tin is the metal for the 10-year anniversary because it represents flexibility and durability. Because tin is used to protect other metals from rusting or tarnishing, it also represents protection.

20 year anniversary - China

20 years of being married is celebrated with china or porcelin as it symbolises the beautiful and elegant but fragile nature of love.

25 year anniversary - Silver

At 25 years you can celebrate with silver - many believe that silver symbolizes brilliance, radiance and the value of a long lasting marriage.

30 year anniversary - Pearls

It is thought that pearls are precious, and couples who reach 30 years of marriage are relatively rare, and the giving of the pearl symbolises the beauty and scarcity of such a wonderful thing.

40 year anniversary - Ruby

A couple's 40th anniversary is known as the ruby anniversary. Historically, the ruby has been used to present romance, devotion and passion.

50 year anniversary - Gold

This precious metal symbolizes wisdom, strength and prosperity. Gold is used to represent the 50th anniversary and a couple's love for each other.

60 year anniversary - Gold 

The value and rarity of a diamond is used as a symbol for 60 years of marriage. The perfect opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.

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