Why are escape rooms a great birthday idea?

Why are escape rooms a great birthday idea?

Celebrate your birthday by taking your friends with you on a one-of-a-kind adventure as you enter a new real.

Mar 20, 2019, 2:03:42 PM

Escape rooms have increased in popularity in the last couple of years due to its immersive, interactive, and highly engaging attributes. Celebrate your birthday by taking your friends with you on a one-of-a-kind adventure as you enter a new world. Solve puzzles, work together, and use your problem-solving skills as you race against the clock. Enjoy an experience unlike any other, find out more reasons why an escape room is a great birthday idea below.

Cost effective

Choosing to book an escape room for your birthday party can be inexpensive. Some birthday ideas such as attending a concert or throwing a party, you may see the costs rise. A survey held with 2000 people found that the average spends around £320 on their child’s birthday party. Fortunately, an escape room is a one-time cost per person. You don’t have to factor in decorations, food, or even a cake. The only thing you and your group need to worry about is how to escape the room.

Perfect for groups

Escape rooms are specifically designed to be done with a group of people. If you’re stuck on what to do for your birthday, and how to keep yourself and your friends entertained for an hour – book an escape room. There are loads of thrilling and fascinating themes out there, like post-apocalyptic, murder mystery, prison escape, and so much more. The effects are so vivid in these escape rooms that you don’t have to use much of your imagination for the experience to truly feel real. Escape rooms are perfect for birthday parties because it gives everyone present a chance to bond, and work together.


Escape rooms began as video games but having these games brought to life creates a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. For your birthday, you and your friends become the real-life characters in this game and have to navigate through the rooms to reach the “next level”. The designs of these rooms are so intricate and detailed that it will feel as though you have entered a new reality in another world – and you’ll get to share the experience with your friends. Get scared, get creative, and get moving because the clock is ticking...

Sense of accomplishment

Imagine the sense of accomplishment and relief you feel when you’ve been playing a video game, and you’ve finally managed to pass the level you were stuck on. Now double that feeling of triumph when you take part in an escape room for your birthday with your good friends by your side, and finish with just seconds left to spare. There’s nothing quite like it. Escape rooms can be challenging, but to power through obstacles and complete well-thought out puzzles with your good friends feels empowering for all involved. Book an escape room for your birthday, feel the adrenalin, and experience it for yourself.

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