Why are cookery classes good for team building?

Why are cookery classes good for team building?

We all need to eat, some people love to cook, and others love to watch cookery shows on TV, but why are cookery classes good for team building? Our editor looks at why these culinary masterclasses are now being used to boost team work

Feb 10, 2022, 3:25:24 PM

Cookery can make everyone feel included

A cookery class is very inclusive, and a perfect team building exercise when no one is left out due to their physical attributes. Many classes are designed for all levels of cooking, and with so many styles and cuisines there really something for everyone.
Cooking can help improve self confidence
Having the opportunity to learn new skills, create great flavours, and the rewards of making wonderful food will help boost the confidence of not only individuals but also the group during a cooking class, something they can take back to the office.

Cooking and dining together is ideal for creating bonds
Making food together during a cookery class will help create bonds within your team, and even bringing departments together. Create memories for the company that teams will talk about for several years, ideal for networking and creating a positive environment. Howard Schultz once said, “Success is best when it’s shared.” And a cookery class does just that!

Working together in the kitchen can break down workplace hierarchy
In a workplace environment it is natural and right to respect the company hierarchy, but a cookery class will break down these boundaries. The intern may be tasked with leading the group and asking the CEO to whisk an egg and instruct the HR manager to keep a watch on the soufflé!
Culinary education can boost creativity and innovation
A cookery class will allow individuals the opportunity to express their creativity and show innovative skills. You can use this boost in creativity when back in the office and hope your team begin to shine. Innovation is one of the ingredients to success!
Cooking is basically complex problem solving
Cooking can be broken down into a series of problem-solving tasks. What should the heat be? How much flour? When should you stir and when should you leave things alone? These are just some of the numerous puzzles your team will have to make to ensure the dishes are perfect to eat.

Kitchens thrive on team cohesion and work ethic
Everyone knows that top restaurants are operated with military precision, as food needs to be prepared, cooked, baked, fried, and steamed all at differing heats, times, and in different ways. A cookery class is the perfect way to show your team who teamwork can help create amazing results, or collapse under the heat!


A cooking class gives everyone the opportunity to learn something new
With so many cuisines and styles of food around the food, a cookery class will afford your team with the opportunity to try something and broaden their horizons. Spanish? Italian? Greek? Chinese? Baking? Thai? Cheese making? Soups and stews? The list is basically endless!
Making food is good for developing social skills

As your team cooks together, they will develop some important social skills, from boosting communication whilst ingredients and tasks are handed out to dining together and enjoying the food after the event.
The heat of the kitchen can create a competitive environment
There are many cooking Television shows which highlight how competitive cooking can be. Break your department down into groups or individuals and see who can create the best dishes, as a chef would say “Proof is in the pudding”.

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