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About 30th Birthday Parties

A 30th birthday celebration is a great opportunity to spend time with friends, family, and colleagues. By this point in your life, you will have developed a network of friends from school, college, university, and from various jobs or internships. Potentially you may also have children in your life.

It is a birthday where you have many options in how you wish to celebrate to with your loved ones. You can have a big party (after all it has been some time since you celebrated turning 18!). Another option is to have a dinner party, or potentially have a day out with friends.

Perhaps a 30th birthday is not as huge a landmark as 40th or 50th, but it is still a wonderful reason to host a party. You may not require a big venue such as a hotel conference room, so look for a smaller venue such as private area of a bar or pub. At this point in your life, you may desire hosting a party in your own home or potentially in your garden (if you have one).

There are many options for entertainment or catering for a small party. Many catering suppliers will have specific menus for smaller groups, and private chefs would be more than happy to attend your home and cook in front of your guests. There are many styles of party entertainers you can consider including virtual DJs, and live musical acts.

Perhaps you thinking of taking your friends and family out for the day? Many cultural events such as theatre and cabaret are ideal for treating friends; or consider something more active such as kayaking or a silent disco tour. Indoor experiences such as whisky tasting, escape rooms and cookery classes are a unique way of celebrating a birthday.

Depending on how many people you are thinking of inviting to your birthday, you could also consider booking a table or an area of a restaurant. You could choose something informal such as a burger restaurant, a Chinese buffet or pizza, or even some delightful fine dining in a private dining room. Remember to order a birthday cake!

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