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Team Games
Team Games
Team Games


Team Games

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    • 1 hour

    • 10 - 80 participants

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    • 41 South Africa Road, London, W12 7RW, United Kingdom

    We can’t think of anything more fun than having a dodgeball in our hands and heaving it at a member of the opposing team in order to to get them out. In this game of dodgeball prepare to laugh, build connections, and even lose a few calories while you’re at it. It’s an energetic team building activity that requires huge team effort. Dodgeball isn’t for the faint-of-heart, it’s for the big kid that lives in all of us.


    • Special equipment

    • Safety equipment

    What you get

    Work together in the high-energy game that requires huge levels of teamwork. Dodgeball is the perfect team activity that is fast-paced and certain to keep you on your toes.  
    Spend one-hour in an action-packed event that involves the whole team. You’ll have fun playing uniquely created games and activities suitable for all players regardless of skill and fitness level.  

    Your aim in this lively game of dodgeball is to eliminate all players in the opposing team by throwing dodgeballs at them! A qualified instructor will be at hand to help and guide you through all the game rules. There are a number of exciting games recommended for you to play such as wrong arm, behind enemy lines, stag or hen hunt, and many other unique dodgeball games.  

    Dodgeball games are available at all PlayFootball venues in and around London. 
    This event is perfect for corporate events, private parties, and team building days.

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    • 41 South Africa Road, London, W12 7RW, United Kingdom

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    Product description

    Taking part in a game of dodgeball is good for our spirits and uplifting our moods. The ‘feel good’ hormone known as endorphins are released when you engage in physical activity. It reduces your perception of pain and stress, thus making improving our moods.   

    Be it a social, mixed or competitive game, you are certain to feel the adrenaline rush through your veins. This largely energising game requires you to think and tactically when dodging, diving, and aiming for your next target – all while trying not to get hit yourself.   

    Beside from the many wonderful health benefits, team-based activities like dodgeball also improve team relationships. The collaborative aspect opens up channels for meaningful conversations between teammates, according to sports psychologist, Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood. So, who’s in? 

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