NYC: Statue of Liberty Night Cruise and Skyline

3.2 (13)
New York, US
3.2 (13)
New York, US
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Experience the magic of New York City at night with the Statue of Liberty Night Cruise and Skyline tour. This unique and romantic experience offers a stunning perspective of the city's iconic landmarks illuminated against the night sky. From the water, you'll be captivated by the breathtaking scenery of the city skyline and the majestic Statue of Liberty. It's the perfect way to escape the busy streets and relax while enjoying the beauty of New York City. Whether you're a couple seeking a memorable evening or simply looking to immerse yourself in the city's charm, this tour is not to be missed. Join us for a 90-minute journey that will leave you in awe of the city that never sleeps.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 1 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Stunning views of Statue of Liberty
  • Breathtaking NYC skyline at night
  • Romantic and memorable evening experience
  • Relaxing break from busy streets
  • Unique perspective of iconic landmarks
  • Light commentary pointing out landmarks
  • 90-minute cruise around new york harbor
  • Outdoor and indoor seating
  • Cash bar on board
  • Cruise alongside both sides of manhattan
  • Route within 100 feet of statue of liberty and ellis island
  • Music
  • Gratuities
  • Food & drinks (available for purchase)

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More about this experience


Experience a breathtaking and romantic evening on the NYC Statue of Liberty Night Cruise and Skyline tour. This unique tour offers a stunning and captivating perspective of the city's iconic landmarks illuminated at night. Get ready to be mesmerized by the magical combination of the city skyline and the Statue of Liberty, creating a picturesque scenery that can only be fully appreciated from the water. Escape the bustling streets and embark on a 90-minute journey that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

What to expect?

During this tour, you can expect a total duration of 90 minutes filled with awe-inspiring sights. The itinerary starts at slip 4 on pier 36, where you'll board the cruise. As you sail through the shimmering waters, prepare to encounter iconic landmarks that define the charm and grandeur of New York City. Get a close-up view of the majestic Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom and democracy, as it stands proudly on Liberty Island. You'll also pass by other notable landmarks including One World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Manhattan Bridge, and Governors Island.

Who is this for?

This tour is perfect for anyone seeking a romantic and memorable experience in New York City. It's an ideal choice for couples looking to spend a magical evening together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're a local or a tourist, this cruise offers a refreshing perspective of the city and a moment to appreciate its beauty from a different angle. The tour is suitable for individuals of all ages who want to immerse themselves in the captivating ambiance of the city lights.

Why book this?

Indulge in the unique allure of the NYC skyline and Statue of Liberty night cruise while enjoying a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. This tour provides an extraordinary opportunity to witness iconic landmarks beautifully illuminated at night, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere. The cruise offers a serene and romantic ambiance, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or simply a memorable night out. Capture stunning photos, feel the gentle breeze on your skin, and embrace the captivating beauty of New York City from the tranquil waters.

Good to know

When booking this tour, please check in at slip 4 on pier 36. The cruise has a total duration of 90 minutes, providing ample time to enjoy the attractions along the route. Remember to bring your camera to capture the magical moments and share them with your loved ones. It is recommended to dress comfortably and bring a light jacket, as the weather can be slightly cooler on the water. Enhance your experience by arriving a few minutes early to secure a prime spot on the deck for optimal views of the city skyline.


Travelers who have embarked on the NYC Statue of Liberty Night Cruise and Skyline tour have been blown away by the awe-inspiring sights and unique experience. They describe it as an enchanting and romantic journey, with the illuminated landmarks leaving a lasting impression. Visitors highly recommend this tour for its exceptional views and the chance to see New York City in a whole new light. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create cherished memories and embark on a truly memorable adventure. Book your spot on the NYC Statue of Liberty Night Cruise and Skyline tour today!

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

Your Itinerary

Statue of Liberty

(Pass by)

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic landmarks of New York City and a symbol of freedom and democracy. The statue is located on Liberty Island and is visible from the water during the cruise.

One World Trade Center

(Pass by)

The One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the United States, and it's located in Lower Manhattan. The building is illuminated at night, making it a beautiful sight to see during the cruise.

Brooklyn Bridge

(Pass by)

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic suspension bridge that spans the East River and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. The bridge is beautifully lit up at night, and it's a stunning sight to see from the water.

Empire State Building

(Pass by)

The Empire State Building is one of the most recognizable landmarks of New York City. The building is illuminated at night, and it's visible from the water during the cruise.

Chrysler Building

(Pass by)

The Chrysler Building is an Art Deco skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan. The building is illuminated at night, and it's another beautiful sight to see during the cruise.

Manhattan Bridge

(Pass by)

The Manhattan Bridge is another suspension bridge that spans the East River and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. The bridge is illuminated at night, making it a beautiful sight to see during the cruise.

Governors Island

(Pass by)

Governors Island is a small island located in New York Harbor, and it's visible from the water during the cruise. The island is a popular spot for outdoor activities and events during the summer months.

Battery Park

(Pass by)

Battery Park is a public park located in Lower Manhattan, and it's a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The park offers stunning views of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.



3.2 (13)


Wow! What a mess! We Were told to meet at Pier 36. There is nothing in that area but a busy street and large industrial buildings. An angry man kept yelling at our Lyft driver not to let us off because 36 was closed and we needed to go to 35. After driving around for some time, we finally got out and while we were at Pier 35, the walk was endless. One man with a tiny food stand and that was it. No one at Pier 35 except other bewildered guests. The slip for the cruise was at the other end of the Pier. More walking. No boat. It finally showed up 30 minutes late. The boat was so poorly moored that the gang plank would spontaneously bounce into the air while you were walking on it. No excuses. No apologies. Just a comment that sine the Pier change was temporary they didn't feel they needed to notify anyone. Getting back to the street to catch another Lyft, we had to walk through a crowd of people aggressively trying to get onto a riverboat! Nice cruise but a horrible experience with no consideration for paying customers.


Perfect for anyone who is first time in the city but also perfect if you've traveled in the past. You can't get enough of the sights. Beautiful!


Just a joke, we were promised for 90 minutes and the trip ended after 30 minutes. Do not book here. Book directly.


Great experience , highlighted spot and amazing views for photos , nice staff . I went for New Years Eve and the lasts night of the year on board was a great choice , thank you


This cruise never happened - bought tickets, went to pier. No ferry. Paypal or Tripadvisor did not even refund. Basically, a 100$ scam. DO NOT BUY.


The views were absolutely amazing! And you get up close to the statue of liberty so well worth it. However the boat itself - interior was dirty, table cloths soiled and the boat had horrible exhaust fumes the whole time outside and inside. we had not experienced that before on other cruises a bit disappointing.


An excellent experience. Outdoor seating on the bow of the boat coupled with forgiving weather added together to ensure some fantastic views.


Beautiful skyline! Crew was helpful, considerate and answered all questions and took pictures of our group. We had great weather and the cruise was more than we expected!!


Lights were gorgeous. Weather was nice & clear. Boat crew were very nice and knowledgeable. Directions and details to get there were very helpful


The boat trip was a great way to view NYC and have a close view of Lady Liberty. The staff were very polite and helpful. The boat was comfortable and well maintained. The cruise began a little after 6pm and was docked by 7pm, however it was advertised as a 90 minute cruise. The narration of the cruise did not fit the landscape that we were viewing, but again we did get to see the City as we traveled along the East(?) River.
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2024-06-15 10:45