Oahu Volcanic Rainforest Hiking Adventure

4.8 (42)
Honolulu, US
4.8 (42)
Honolulu, US
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Experience the breathtaking beauty of Oahu's volcanic rainforest with this exclusive hiking adventure. Immerse yourself in the lush foliage and discover rare and endemic plant species as you embark on a guided 2.5 mile moderate hike. Along the way, you'll be treated to sweeping scenic views of the towering Ko’olau Mountain range, the iconic Diamond Head volcano crater, and the shimmering Pacific Ocean. Unlike other hiking trips, this private rainforest adventure offers a secluded and intimate experience, allowing you to truly connect with the natural surroundings. With pleasant temperatures year-round and refreshing trade winds, Oahu provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts. Don't miss the chance to journey through the past and present in the stunning 75-acre Manoa Valley rainforest. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-9 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Discover hidden treasures of Oahu's rainforest
  • Rare and endemic plant species
  • Capture scenic views of mountains and ocean
  • Exclusive journey through remote rainforest
  • Hiker's paradise with perfect temperatures and winds
  • Professional nature guides
  • Complimentary round-trip transportation from kahala, waikiki & aloha tower.
  • Hip pack
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Rain poncho
  • Bottled water
  • Gratuities

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Welcome to the Oahu Volcanic Rainforest Hiking Adventure, where you will embark on an extraordinary journey through the hidden treasures of Oahu's lush volcanic rainforest. This exclusive hiking tour takes you on a 2.5-mile moderate hike, immersing you in the beauty and tranquility of a native forest while offering breathtaking panoramic views of the island's iconic landmarks and the shimmering Pacific Ocean.

What to expect?

Prepare yourself for a remarkable outdoor experience as you explore Oahu's volcanic rainforest. With year-round average temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius), refreshing trade winds, and the majestic Ko'olau and Ka'ala mountain ranges, Oahu provides the perfect backdrop for hiking enthusiasts. Unlike other hiking companies that often lead groups along public trails, this adventure allows you to immerse yourself in the secluded personality of the rainforest. Spanning 75 acres of private Manoa Valley rainforest, this trail promises a unique and intimate experience like no other.

Who is this for?

The Oahu Volcanic Rainforest Hiking Adventure is designed for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those who want to connect with the natural beauty of Hawaii. Whether you are a novice or an experienced hiker, this tour caters to all skill levels, making it accessible to a wide range of travelers. If you crave the exploration of untouched rainforests, breathtaking vistas, and a deeper understanding of the island's natural wonders, then this adventure is perfect for you.

Why book this?

This extraordinary hiking adventure offers a multitude of reasons to book this unique experience. Firstly, you will have the opportunity to discover Oahu's rare and endemic plant species, immersing yourself in the vibrant biodiversity of the volcanic rainforest. As you hike through the native forest, you will be captivated by the distant scenic views of the volcanic Ko'olau Mountain range, Mt. Ka'ala (Oahu's highest point), Diamond Head volcano crater, Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Kailua, and the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Secondly, unlike other hiking tours that share trails with multiple groups, this adventure takes place in a secluded 75-acre haven, ensuring an exclusive and intimate experience. Lastly, with knowledgeable guides and a moderate hiking trail, this tour caters to both beginners and seasoned hikers, allowing you to fully embrace the wonders of the rainforest.

Good to know

Before embarking on this rainforest adventure, it's essential to know that the hike is considered mild to moderate, covering a dirt trail. The duration of the hike is approximately 4 hours, providing ample time to soak in the beauty of nature and truly connect with the rainforest. The tour includes the refreshing trade winds that Oahu is known for, along with stunning views of the island's prominent landmarks. Remember to wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the journey.


Those who have experienced the Oahu Volcanic Rainforest Hiking Adventure have raved about the unique and immersive experience it provides. Travelers have praised the expert guides who share their knowledge of the rainforest, making the adventure both educational and awe-inspiring. Many have marveled at the diverse plant species and breathtaking vistas, ensuring a truly memorable hike. Overall, visitors have expressed their satisfaction with this exclusive rainforest journey, highlighting its tranquil atmosphere, stunning scenery, and the opportunity to explore Oahu's natural wonders in a secluded setting.

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4.8 (42)


We just had the best time! Our tour guide Terii was knowledgeable about the plants, animals, geography/geology, and Hawaiian history. We are hikers, not bikers, and we came prepared with proper hiking shoes and our trekking poles. What we couldn’t have predicted was the sudden rain (but hey, it’s a rainforest!), but Terii had ponchos! It was advertised as pickup at 9, 4 hours, and we had booked Iolani Palace for 2:45, so Terii made sure we were back by 1. Too bad, though, because he was prepared with snacks and was willing to go farther. The terrain was moderate and we (in our 70s) had no problems. Gorgeous views. Definitely recommend it!


The guide, Terii was amazing. He has knowledge of the plants, the wildlife, the geology , Hawai’i history and Hawaiian cultures - where people came from, how they lived hundreds of years ago, etc. Plus, the rainforest was teeming with plants and animals that we wouldn’t have even noticed without his trained eyes.


The description was not at all what the tour was. The tour guide was a nice guy but he did not know much about the history and we didn’t see much. It was not worth the money at all. There was some pretty look out points but if you were looking for a hike with pretty rainfalls and streams, do not book this.


Everything!!! The calm and the beauty of the rainforest. We took our time and went at our own pace. Our tour Guide was also amazing!!!


Our guide Daniel is a master at what he does trust me when I say you are literally in great hands with this gentleman. My family and I went on this trail today in the jungle hike. For me personally it was terrifying as I am literally afraid of heights. Daniel was very patient as I literally inched my way through out the trail my family however they were having a blast just running through the mountain side like it was nothing. All in all our awesome guide Daniel was superman today. Please if in Hawaii, Ohahu specifically please check out Bike Hawaii tours and demand / request Daniel as your guide. You'd be in great hands. It's a hike of a lifetime.


Terii is remarkably knowledgeable about all things Hawaii, from history and culture to botany. I’ve been to Hawaii ten times and learned more on this half-day hike than all of the other trips put together!


This tour was very fun and informative! The tour guide Daniel was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. The hike was beautiful and the views were amazing. The trail is very muddy FYI. Enjoy!


Terii was a great guide -- super kind and very knowledgeable. We had a fun time. Thank you, The Cassels


Our guide was great telling us about the forest, the plants along with how they got here, and even some politics. We would take another adventure with him in a heart beat. The trail is not easy.


The tour guide was amazing from start to finish. The weather was awesome and it was not muddy on our trip. The scenery was breathtaking and it was most enjoyed by all of us. I would highly recommend this trip.
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2024-07-23 06:04