Self Guided Classic Freedom Trail Location Aware (GPS) Walking Audio Tour

4.5 (160)
Boston, US
4.5 (160)
Boston, US
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Experience the rich history of Boston's Revolutionary era on the Self-Guided Classic Freedom Trail Location Aware (GPS) Walking Audio Tour. This immersive tour allows you to explore at your own pace, whenever it suits you. With the WalknTours app as your guide, you'll navigate through Downtown Boston, the North End, and Charlestown, discovering iconic landmarks like the Massachusetts State House, Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere's House, Bunker Hill, and the USS Constitution. The professionally narrated audio tour provides fascinating insights into the city's past, bringing history to life as you walk in the footsteps of revolutionary heroes. Perfect for solo travelers seeking an independent adventure, this tour offers flexibility, convenience, and an unforgettable journey through Boston's storied past. Download the WalknTours app, unlock the tour with your booking code, and prepare for an immersive experience like no other.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Not Included
  • 2 hours - 3 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • & Audio GuidedSelf Guided Experience
  • Go anytime, at your own pace and your schedule
  • Navigated by the WalknTours app
  • Tour never expires - take it anytime, as many times as you like
  • Easy to navigate - the arrow in the app points you to the next stop
  • Professionally narrated
  • You'll see the granary burial ground, omni parker, old state house, old south, faneuil hall and more
  • See the sites along the freedom trail from the boston common to the hay market
  • Gps guided solo walking tour of the freedom trail on the walkntours app - never expires
  • Explore the north end, boston's little italy, paul revere's house, old north and copps hill
  • Virtual tour - listen to the tour after walking in person anytime.
  • Explore charlestown, bunker hill, uss constitution
  • No in person guide, this is a smart phone navigated tour on the walkntours app

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More about this experience


The Self Guided Classic Freedom Trail Location Aware (GPS) Walking Audio Tour is the ultimate way to experience the rich history of Boston. This tour allows you to explore Boston's Revolutionary history at your own pace and on your own schedule. Powered by the WalknTours app, this tour offers a unique and immersive experience, guiding you through the most iconic landmarks of the city with professional narration. With one purchase, the tour can be accessed on two phones, making it the perfect option for solo travelers or for those seeking a memorable adventure with a partner or friend.

What to expect?

During this 120 to 180-minute tour, you will embark on a journey back in time, tracing the footsteps of the American Revolution. Starting at the Boston Common Visitors Center, the tour will take you through historic sites such as the Massachusetts State House, Boston Common, Granary Burying Ground, King's Chapel, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. You will also explore the charming North End, where you can visit Paul Revere's House, Old North Church, and Copp's Hill Burying Ground. The tour concludes with a visit to Charlestown, where you can admire the Bunker Hill Monument and USS Constitution.

Who is this for?

The Self Guided Classic Freedom Trail Location Aware (GPS) Walking Audio Tour caters to a wide range of individuals. History enthusiasts will be captivated by the fascinating stories and historical insights shared throughout the tour. Solo travelers will find this tour particularly appealing, as it allows them to explore at their own pace and listen to captivating narration that brings Boston's history to life. Additionally, this tour is suitable for couples, friends, and families who are looking for a unique and educational experience that can be enjoyed together.

Why book this?

This tour offers a completely customizable and flexible experience, allowing you to go anytime and take the tour as many times as you like. The WalknTours app makes navigation effortless, as it provides clear directions with an arrow pointing you to the next stop. The professionally narrated audio ensures that you won't miss any important historical details or intriguing stories. Whether you're a history buff, a curious traveler, or simply looking to delve into the fascinating past of Boston, this Self Guided Classic Freedom Trail Location Aware (GPS) Walking Audio Tour is a must-book experience.

Good to know

When taking this tour, be sure to download the WalknTours app and register an account before arriving at the Boston Common Visitors Center. Once there, simply start the experience on the app and let the adventure begin. The tour never expires, so you can take it at your convenience, allowing for ultimate flexibility in planning your day. Don't forget to bring comfortable walking shoes, as you'll be exploring the city on foot. Prepare to be amazed by the captivating stories and historical landmarks that await you on this immersive journey through Boston's Revolutionary history.


Travelers who have experienced the Self Guided Classic Freedom Trail Location Aware (GPS) Walking Audio Tour rave about its captivating storytelling and immersive nature. Many appreciate the flexibility of being able to take the tour at their own pace and on their own schedule. The app's easy navigation and professional narration have received high praise, ensuring that every visitor gains a deep understanding of Boston's historical significance. Overall, reviewers have expressed their satisfaction and enthusiasm, confirming that this tour is a must-do for anyone interested in exploring Boston's rich past.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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Your Itinerary

Massachusetts State House

(Pass by)

We will hear about its dome and the statue across the street

Boston Common

We will start at the Boston Common and hear about some of the sites in the oldest public park in the USA.

Admission Not Included

Freedom Trail

This tour takes you along the Freedom Trail from the Boston Common, through old Boston, the North End, over the bridge to Charlestown, to Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution. The Freedom Trail is the thing to do in Boston.

Granary Burying Ground

(Pass by)

Hear who is buried there, See Sam Adams Grave, learn of the hero's there.

King's Chapel

(Pass by)

Learn about the bell and it's history

Old City Hall

(Pass by)

See the school Ben Franklin attended along with many revolutionary characters.

Park Street Church

(Pass by)

Pass by and learn a bit of it's history

Old State House

(Pass by)

See the site of the Boston Massacre

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

(Pass by)

Discover the cradle of liberty and learn the real story of Sam Adams and his many failures.

Union Oyster House

(Pass by)

Learn about the Union Oyster House (the oldest continually operating restaurant in the USA) and the JFK table


(Pass by)

walk past the haymarket to the North End

Old South Meeting House

(Pass by)

Learn the origins of the Boston Tea party

The Paul Revere House

(Pass by)

See Paul Reveres house and learn about his midnight ride.

St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church

(Pass by)

Hear stories immigrants to the North End the Irish immigrants that settled here including JFK's family.

Paul Revere Statue

(Pass by)

Hear the stories of the Prado, the Paul Revere statue and how it was built.

Copp's Hill Burying Ground

(Pass by)

See the graveyard and learn the stories of the residents. See the spite house.

Prince Street Boston Parking

(Pass by)

See the site of the Heist of the century.

Old North Church & Historic Site

(Pass by)

Learn about the Old North Church, the story of Paul Revere's midnight ride (One if by land Two if by see), the crypt and it's courtyard.

Training Field

(Pass by)

See the site where locals once trained and walk it's amazing park grounds.

Bunker Hill Monument

(Pass by)

climb the hill to Bunker Hill, learn about the battle, follow your guide as you become part of the experience.

USS Constitution

(Pass by)

Walk from the USS Constitution guided along the winding roads of Charlestown hearing the story of the USS constitution. Our tour ends at the oldest commissioned ship in the US, the USS Consitution.

City Square Park

(Pass by)

See the ruins of the old 3 Cranes Tavern and learn about the built up to the battle of Bunker Hill

Salumeria Italiana

(Pass by)

The tour stops for a moment outside this classic Italian shop and you hear the story of how it all started, and the immigrant story of the North End. Also if they are open feel free to pause the tour and go in!

Boston Massacre Site

The tour stops on the site of the Boston Massacre and you'll hear the story of how the Boston Massacre occurred.

The Green Dragon Tavern

(Pass by)

We pass by the Green Dragon, a famous tavern of the revolutionary war.



4.5 (160)


Excellent. We used the guide to follow the freedom trail for the day. Very accurate and well timed whilst you walk the trail. Incredible amount of history and information. Easy to use, follow and would highly recommend.


We thought the narrator was amazing, and it was informative without being to long. Once we got synced up and figured out the walking instructions we felt it was easy to follow, and we could pause when and where we chose.


This was an amazing self-guided tour. I have always done group tours in the past but would absolutely do this for method for future tours. There were great suggestions for pubs and bakeries to take detours to.


self guided tour was great, very accurate directions and excellent historical descriptions of all stops. great ability to stop and go at your pace, we enjoyed every minute. i would recommend bringing a charger.


Even though it rained we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Just the right amount of info at each location. We stopped along the way for lunch & continued on our way.


Easy to use. One hiccup but your operators had a solution. Timings were quite good. Great way to walk the Freedom Trail


Look for a way to see Boston this is a great tour up close and personal And you can do it at your own pace


I highly recommend this tour. It’s user-friendly and very informative. We could do it at our own pace with my husband. It was fun and efficient.


WalknTours did an amazing job with this audio tour! So much information. So much history. So many steps! We loved the freedom to pause the tour and take our time! We actually completed our tour over two days! I would highly recommend!!


We had a great time! The app was easy to use, and knew by gps where we were and guided us along. We could pause and stop for shopping, food and drinks, and then continue on our way. We would definitely recommend!
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2024-06-17 20:17