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About Cookery Classes

A cookery class is a perfect way to find the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay in your group. Great for corporate groups looking to build relationships and create teamwork. Many private occasions such a bachelorette parties will benefit from a cookery class as the group have fun whilst learning a new skill.

There are cookery classes from all over the world, giving you the chance to learn Italian styles such as pizza and pasta, curries from India and Thailand, Spanish tapas, and a range of South American delights.

Learn how to bake and create sweet treats like cakes and biscuits or take nutrition lessons in classes designed for vegan or vegetarian diets. Expert chefs will show you how to butcher meat correctly or provide tips for dealing with fish.

Many cookery classes are held in professional kitchens meaning all the equipment and facilities is of the highest level, but remote workers will love a virtual cookery class to enjoy from their own kitchen.

Book a cookery class with Evendo and make sure your event has all the ingredients for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What popular Cookery Classes last for an hour or less?

Some of our most popular Cookery Classes under one hour include:
Craft Chocolate Tasting & Tour
Korean cooking class by Zoom
1 Hour Chocolate Bar Making in Brooklyn

What are the most popular Cookery Classes?

Here are some of the Cookery Classes that are most popular right now:
Gin Making Experience
Southern Belle Biscuit & Gravy Baking Class in Nashville
Hands on Cajun Roux Class in New Orleans

What are the most popular affordable Cookery Classes for my event?

These Cookery Classes cater well for smaller budgets:
45 Minutes Tour To Chocolate Factory
Craft Chocolate Tasting & Tour
The Orcas Project Wine Tasting

Are there Cookery Classes that are available for delivery?

Yes, these are some Cookery Classes that can be delivered to you directly:
Cooking Class - Culinary Team Building

What are the most popular Cookery Classes that can be done in the morning?

Some of the most popular Cookery Classes in the morning include the following:
Late Breakfast Cruise in Honolulu
Bake biscuits online with Chef J
Goo Goo Chocolate Experience

What are the most popular Cookery Classes that can be done in the evening?

Some of the most popular Cookery Classes in the evening include the following:
Old Fashioned Cocktail Class at General Horseplay in Key West
Japanese Street Food Class in Beech Grove
Goo Goo Chocolate Experience

I'm looking for a full-day experience. What are the most popular full-day Cookery Classes?

These are some popular Cookery Classes that last for the full day:
Southern Thunder BBQ Cooking Classes in Marietta, Georgia
Baja Craft Beer Tasting
Thai Green Curry and Tom Yum Soup Cooking Class

What Cookery Classes are popular for large groups?

These Cookery Classes are very popular with larger groups:
Ultimate Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
Cook Paella with simple pantry ingredients
Bake biscuits online with Chef J

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